We are a professional, solid and motivated team


They are from the region and some come from different alpine countries. They spend most of their season in the Val d ‘Aran or other heliski bases around the world. Some are also helicopter pilots or professional rescuers. All have the UIAGM / AEGM certificate.

Pilots and helicopters

The helicopters are Ecureuil B3 + from the Spanish company Habock Grup Aviation. They are the best helicopters in operations and benefits in mountain, have a capacity of 5 passengers, (4 riders +1 guide).
Its pilots are based in Vielha and they fly their mountains during all year long doing aerial works and other operations.


George ROBBI together with Eduardo GONZALEZ are our avalanche specialists. These mountain and skiing passionates have spent more than 45 years managing avalanche risk. Their job is to make the snow profiles and transmit the information that concerns stability. Participate in the daily elaboration of our own avalanche bulletin. Their collaboration with our team allows us to know last hour changes.

Evacuation procedure

In case of accident and depending on the seriousness, we have a direct link with the GRAE Pòmpiers Val d’Aran, which allows the intervention of a rapid infrastructure thanks to the provision of our helicopter. Depending on the severity of the cases, we will proceed to the application of established protocols. The evacuation in the heliport can be done: by vehicle, to the Vielha hospital (5 minutes) or, by helicopter, to the Toulouse hospital (30 minutes flight).


Your day begins with a presentation of the activity and its security rules. After completing the administrative forms and carrying out a practice, the participants board the helicopter to carry out the activity.


The security and the best material it’s what is important to us. We have at your disposal:

Our riders

1 flotation backpack with a shovel and probe
1 DVA (avalanche victim detector)
RECCO system
A radio for the last group

Our guides

1 ABS Airbag with a shovel and probe
1 DVA (avalanche victim detector)
RECCO system
First aid kit with cervical collar and immobilization material
A radio and a satellite phone to communicate with the other guides, the pilots and the base

In the helicopter

Medical backpack with: complete kit, first aid and immobilization material, ventilation ball and oxygen bottle
RECCO antenna
Snacks and drinks for customers

Our base

Evacuation material with: Evacuation chair, table of immobilization with elevator, vacuum mattress, safety sled, immobilization material, thermal blankets, etc.
Avalanche material with shovels and probes
First aid kit and medicines for small or serious accidents.
Direct link with the GRAE Pompiers Val d’Aran, which allows the intervention of a rapid infrastructure thanks to the provision of our helicopter and the base

Frequently asked questions:

1-Which helicopter is used for heliskiing: Airbus Heliscopter AS 350 Ecureuil B3+

2- Is it advisable to stay the day before in a hotel in the valley?: Yes, travelling the same day may mean arriving late and not being able to do the activity. We work with reliable hotels and we can help you with your accommodation.

3- If I am alone and I don't have a group can I join one?: Yes, we have a list of open groups, we need to know your availability and we will do everything possible so that you can do the activity. If the group is incomplete we will give you options.

4- What is the meeting time and how does the day take place?: - Individual trip to Val d' Aran // Meeting point at 8.30 am at the Hotel Tuca car park. The timetable will always be confirmed from 7pm the day before the activity for safety and weather reasons // You cannot go up to the Vielha Heliport with your private car, our boat will make the transfer to and from the base // On your arrival at the base, welcome, The descents and landing sites are determined by our guides depending on weather conditions, snow conditions and avalanche risk // Our programme is flexible and can therefore be adapted from one day to the next depending on weather conditions and availability.

1/2 day program

• Administrative formalization
• Briefing of security and self-rescue practices.
• Heliski
• Debriefing

1 Day program

• Administrative formalization
• Briefing of security and self-rescue practices.
• Heliski
• Debriefing

3 To 5 Day Stays

• Transfer from the airport to the hotel
• Welcome and Administrative formalization
• Briefing of security and material distribution
• Heliski and food. Back to the hotel

• Transfer from the hotel to the Heliport
• Heliski or related activities in case of bad weather
• Food, Back to the hotel. Debriefing of the day

• Heliski or preparations to depart
• Administrative formalization of the extras
• Transfer to the airport.

Your usual ski equipment for a skiing stay. It is not cold in the helicopter, and the climbs are shorter than in a chairlift. Do not forget about your ski or snowboard boots.

2 pairs of gloves : your gloves will get wet quickly because you have to put on and take off your skis every time you go down. Provide one or two spare pairs. Sun protection: sunscreen and glasses. In mountain, the reverberation is very strong, provide glasses with a minimum 3 class crystal. Ski goggles (mask): even if the weather is good, if there is deep snow, your sunglasses will be impregnated with snow that will fly above your head

Ski or snowboard : We recommend you adapt your equipment to deep snow (wide ski or long snowboard). Helmet is highly recommended