Heliski Private 1 day

Desde 1,5h hasta 2,5h garantizadas

2 Groups - 2 Helicopter rotations

€ 2'175.- based on 8 pers.

2,5 hours of flight - Unlimited vertical meters
4 pax €4'350.-/pers
5 pax €3'480.-/pers
6 pax €2'900.-/pers
7 pax €2'490.-/pers
8 pax €2'175.-/pers
1 Group - 1 Helicopter rotation

€ 4'830.- based on 3 per

1,5 hours of flight - Unlimited vertical meters
1 pax €14'500.-/persona
2 pax €7'250.-/persona
3 pax €4'830.-/persona

The Exclusivity of the Helicopter. In Private, the helicopter is reserved solely and exclusively for the group. It's bespoke heliskiing. From 3 up to a maximum of 8 people. Unlimited descents. It is calculated by flight time and not by descents.

– Exclusive helicopter for your group

– It’s bespoke heliskiing, you’ll decide the pace and duration of the day

– Groups must be composed of 3 to 8 people

– There will always be 2 Guides if there is only 1 group, that’s why groups must be of 3 people or more.

The price includes:

  • Transfers within Val d’Aran area 
  • UIAGM / AEGM certified guides. Security material (ABS backpack, DVA, RECCO, shovel and probe) 
  • AM Skis and boards. 
  • Drinks and snacks 

The price does not include:

  • Extra flight time: € 50.- / min. 
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks & Dinners 
  • Reimbursement of unrealized flight time: € 40 .- /min

Refund: If during the activity, in the event that the operation has to be interrupted due to factors such as wind, bad weather, avalanche risk or technical problems, and the total number of guaranteed descents or the agreed flight time cannot be reached, a refund of €100 per descent and per person, or €40 per minute in the case of flight time, will be made. No refunds are made in cases of illness, accident, lack of fitness, insufficient skiing skills or late arrivals.